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Our online Forms Management solution provides you with the platform to convert all your documented processes and paper based forms to an online system promoting your Organisation’s workflow. 

Securely and easily accessible online forms from anywhere in the world using a web browser, on their desktop computer, their notebook or tablet.

Imagine no more problems with people using the wrong document or form, no more problems with version control, no more problems with reading the handwriting, no more problems with missing or poorly completed data. 

A full range of benefits

  • Seamless Approvals

Unlimited approval processes provide you with an audit trail of the application along with the ability to communicate in a matter of hours instead of days.

  • Instant Notifications

Provide instant responses with notification emails to users dependent on responses within the form.

  • Tailored Analytics

Dashboard snapshots provide insights allowing management teams to make informed decisions.

  • Ease of Use

Validated, guided answers throughout prevent errors removing users being "puzzled" over what is wanted.

Key Features Included
Choose from a multitude of field types to ensure your forms are easy to complete on all devices
Emails triggered on answers to specific questions where required
Unlimited approval processes can be built on a one to one or one to many basis
Real time analytics via dashboards
Tailored functionality requirements or development available on request
Tailored exports where required



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