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A simple, effective solution

Risks Central is a sophisticated, cloud-based software tool that helps you identify, prioritise and mitigate the risks your organisation faces.

With Risks Central, you can take a proactive approach to risk management, resulting in safer, more efficient and highly effective work practices.

Our strategic risks product gives you an effective online tool that helps identify any risks that your organisation faces.

Replace slow, clunky spreadsheets with a cloud-based solution that records and displays the inherent and residual risk ratings in your business – and gives you a full audit trail of your risk.

With our tool, you can link into ermonline’s scheduled tasks to any on-going control and assign ownership of the risk to the appropriate staff member.

A full range of benefits


Easy to tailor risk matrix

Keep on top of your organisation’s particular risks, with an up-to-date, holistic picture of your risk profile that you can access any time.


Save time and boost productivity

With our single, cloud-based tool, you can store all your risk information in the one place.


Understand your risk profile

Identify whether your risk is strategic or operational – so that you can choose the most appropriate risk management solutions.


Bring your operational processes into how you handle risk

Associate documentation or schedule tasks to support and ensure controls are completed.

Key Features Included
Unlimited risks and controls
Email notifications when allocated a control
Schedule any on-going control with our scheduled tasks solution
Single or indivudal risks matrix for the registers
Clear detailed print out of each risk or your entire registers

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