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Your Organisation can effectively manage and control your document system through maintaining document controls and ensuring staff are using the correct versions, all on one easy to use solution.

Our Document Storage Management solution ensures all staff from varying sites are working from the same set of policies and procedures.

Document review triggers can be scheduled with escalation ensuring all documents remain relevant and up to date. Once revisions have been approved, the document version can be uploaded instantly available to all staff across work sites in one simple and seamless process.

A full range of benefits

  • Cloud Based Accessibility

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of being able to view &/or review any document from anywhere with connectivity.

  • Document Reviews

Ensure that all documents are reviewed in a timely fashion via the platform's scheduled tasks functionality.

  • Versioning

Save every version of a document, ensuring you can look at previous versions before crucial changes were made.

  • Business Continuity Plan

Your documents are automatically backed up and stored offsite providing you with peace of mind that they are protected.

Key Features Included
Documents can be site specific or Organisation wide
Extensive document file formats supported
Assign ownership of the document reviews to one or many users
Versions cannot be changed without administrative roles protecting your documents
Create secure links for your intranet, portal or website which is automatically updated should a new version be uploaded
Full audits trails of when and what was changed within a document



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